Class AnalysisFrame

public class AnalysisFrame
extends javax.swing.JFrame
Main class of the Pandora Analyzer. Responsible for implementing all the graphics of the Analyzer window. To add a new metric, first add the name of the metric in the JTree at the method addMetrics. Then add the name of the function that computes the metric at JButtonCompute_actionPerformed method. The implementation of the function that computes the metric has to be in Metrics class.
Foudalis Ilias.
Constructor Detail


public AnalysisFrame(java.awt.Container parent)
Class constructor.
parent - Container : The parent of the class is Generator Frame . The parent has to be passed as a reference so that we will be able to access the variables of the parent.

Method Detail


private void jbInit()
Method automaticaly generated by JBuilder. Used to initialize the graphics.
Exception -


private void addMetrics(javax.swing.tree.DefaultMutableTreeNode root)
Method used to add metrics in the JTree. To add a metric first add the metrics name in the Tree.
root - DefaultMutableTreeNode : The root of the tree that has the metric names.


private void jMenuItemGetTopo_actionPerformed()
Method used to retrieve the topology that is currently generated in the GeneratorFrame.


private void jMenuItemOpenTopo_actionPerformed()
Method used to open a topology from a file. Currently the file types supported are .pnd, .inet.


private void outputBasicData(java.lang.String modelSelected)
Method called from JMenuItemOpenTopo_actionPerformed() , JMenuItemGetTopo_actionPerformed() , It is used to print the basic data of the topology that is opened.
modelSelected - String : The name of the model that is currently loaded in the analyzer. If the model is opened from a file, the name of the model will be the file name, if the model is loaded from the generator, the name of the model will be the model currently selected in the generator.


private void jMenuItemExit_actionPerformed()
Closes the analyzer.


private void JButtonCompute_actionPerformed()
Function called every time the Compute button is pressed. It is responsible for calling the right method of Metrics class to compute a metric. To add a new metric one should call the method implemented in Metrics class from here.


private void jMenuItemDrawTopo_actionPerformed()
Draws the topology loaded in the Generator.