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Pandora Generator and Analyzer

    Pandora Generator and analyzer is a powerful easy to use program that is used to implement, generate and evaluate Internet-like topologies. Algorithms such as FKP and BA have been implemented. The user is encouraged to see the source files for paradigms on how to implement an algorithm Up until now the generator supports the computation of the following metrics:

  • Frequency vs Degree
  • Degree vs Rank
  • CCDF vs Degree
  • Joint Degree Distribution
  • Clustering
  • Eccentricity
  • Spectrum
  • Ruch Club Connectivity
  • Betweness
  • The main features of the programm are:

  • Large scale : Depending on the implementation of the algorithm the generator ca produce graphs up to 80.000 nodes in a computer with 512mb ram./li>
  • Extensible : As mentioned, the generator is designed, to easily and quickly allow generating self designed models and computing self implemented metrics. For a user accustomed to writing code in Java, an FKP algorithm can be implemented in 5 minutes.
  • Flexible : The generator can compute metrics and draw graphs of algorithms generated by Inet, Pandora and TopGen programs. It also exports graphs to Pajek and Otter formats.
  • User friendly : The simplicity of the design of the generator, minimizes the time for a person to familiarize and use the generator to a few minutes.
  • Portable : Being implemented with Java, the generator can run an all platforms.
  • The source code of the program can be downloaded from here.

    Also a version that uses only the analyzer and is optimized for computing metrics in large graphs can be obtained here.

    The documentation of the program can be downloaded from here. If you want to extend the program it is strongly recomended to read the documentation first.

    The link to the documentation of the source code is here.

    Everyone is encouraged to send to the author at (foudalisi at hotmail dot com) the algorithms or metrics that they have implemented, so that they can be posted as a part of the source code of the program.

Generator Analyzer
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